Holiday Earrings are the New Holiday Pins

by Bobbi Jayne Vitale

As I’m getting my boys class Valentine’s Day cards ready for school this week, I think back to getting my own Valentine’s Day cards ready back in the 80’s and 90’s. Those were the days...all of our mom’s decked out in their holiday outfits that were accented by cool holiday pins. I called my mom and asked her about her holiday pin collection, and she said that she had at least 10 for each holiday (now I know where I get my shopping habits from). 

(Pins from my mom’s collection featured) we are in the 2020's and we have to adapt. What’s a mom to do??? Go get some adorable holiday earrings! I found these delightful Gnome earrings. I don’t know what says Happy Valentine’s Day more than a pair of Gnome’s driving in a car with hearts on their hats earrings????


If Gnomes aren’t your thing, any heart earrings will do! I love grabbing a cute holiday earring, because I don’t have to buy an entire outfit. I can just get away with throwing the earring on with my favorite red shirt or red dress. 

These are some understated heart earrings that you can get away with wearing any day of the year!

Just in case you do not have any Valentine’s earrings, you still have a couple more days!!! So make sure that you get over to Teal Turtle and pick up a pair! (For you and your mom! ;)

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