Perfect Dresses for any Occasion at the Perfect Price!

by Bobbie Jayne Vitale

I had a wedding to go to this past weekend and nothing in my closet was screaming out to me, so I went to Teal Turtle on a whim. It just so happened to be their One Year Anniversary celebration (lucky me). There were so many adorable dresses to choose from, but low and behold I found my perfect dress on the BOGO clearance rack. Can life get any better??? I grabbed this adorable green dress and knew it was the one! All I had to add was some basic gold hoops, my spanx, and a normal bra. I got so many compliments on this dress, it was crazy! It was perfect for the wedding because I accessorized it up, but I could easily throw on a cute pair of flip-flops and wear it to brunch or a low key dinner. I just love the fact that I can walk into Teal Turtle with a purpose and come out with exactly what I need (and for a reasonable price)! I’m sure that you have an event coming up where you need an adorable new dress, so now is the time to head over to Teal Turtle (especially with 20% off dresses for the end of the month)!!!!

A picture of the adorable dress! I wish you could have seen the neckline, it was beautiful (but mom had a night away without the kids so I didn’t take many pictures). Cheers!!!!

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