Personalized Shopping Experience

by Bobbi Jayne Vitale 


In a perfect world, I could spend hours by myself in one of my favorite stores going through the racks and trying on all of the clothes.

But, I’m a mom and I don’t have that luxury!

Luckily, I have a place where I can not only be a mom but get my shopping in. I do my best to squeeze in my shopping trips in between drop-off, errands, and pick-up, but sometimes I miss my window and I have one of my boys with me. I had my little tornado with me last time I popped into Teal Turtle, and I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why I never noticed it before, but there is a special kids area. Jett just ran right in there and sat down in the chair like he owned the joint! Allison even brought over a juice-box for him (and that gave me another 5 minutes of shopping)! Is there a better place on earth that will give you a kids juice and a momma’s juice? I will give you the answer...No!!!! There is even a place for older kids and husbands to hang out. I mean, Teal Turtle has really thought of everything. I love that I can go in with or without my kids and be able to find what I am looking for (or even not looking for)! 


I think he was even able to negotiate another juicebox!


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